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We are very proud to announce that our Live EP - SHRED is out NOW!



Recorded at Explosiv Graz

July 9th 2022


1. Invasion

2. Headlights

3. Shred

4. Avoid the Blaze


Mixed and Mastered by: Lukas Mimlich 

Produced by: Modula Nation

Video Production: Kristina Leitner

Artwork by: Aplacefortom


Modula Nation is a distinctive fusion of experimental, psychedelic-rock, space-pop and alternative-rock combined with heavy industrial riffs, complex rhythms and tight grooves. The Group was formed in Graz and is one of the most promising rock bands of the Austrian underground scene. With the release of Shred - Live EP and the upcoming long awaited debut Album, the band is ready to display and perform their musical and artistic repertoire. Modula Nation has had the honour to share the stage with legendary artists such as: Molotov, KMFDM and Skinny Puppy among others.


Formed in 2008, the project sprouted out of previous musical combos of singer, multi-instrumentalist Heinz Wallner and fellow bassist and long time collaborator Ricardo Paz. Their friendship and love for a wide range of musical genres combined with brainstorming all night jam sessions aided to develop the bands individual musical sound.


Further band members who complete Modula Nations musical vision are Philipp Pluhar on drums and electronics as well as Markus Steinrück on guitars.


Modula Nations Live EP – Shred is out now! The band is currently recording their LP that will be released some time during 2024. Stay tuned for more updates.

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