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Modula Nation is one of the most promising underground bands from Austria. Their music style could be defined as Electro-Rock, however, the band has been experimenting with diverse musical styles and with varied band constellations, with the aim of creating and independent sound.


More information as well as Audio and Video material can be found here:




Rise of the Nebula EP (2008) Published by Echo ZYX Germany














The debut EP "Rise of the Nebula" was recorded in most instances by the two multi instrumentalists Ricardo Paz (Bass, Electronics) and Heinz Wallner (Vocals, Electronics).


It shows  the wideband of musical styles that the band processes in their songs. The EP was distributed by Echo/ZYX in Europe.




Start the Revolution – Single (2012) Self Published














"Start the Revolution” is a single which was released by Modula Nation in 2012. The single was self-released.  The track "Shred" became the title song of the Motion Picture "Last Exit from Veritas".



Avoid the Blaze – Single (2013) Self Published














“Avoid the Blaze” is the name of the new single from Modula Nation. It was released in September 2013.


The single provides a promising sample of the new album that is yet to come.


Furthermore the single is downloadable for free on the group’s Facebook site. The download is enabled once a user likes the Modula Nation site. The aim behind this is to promote the Project on the Social Network site.




The Core of the project Modula Nation consists of Heinz Wallner (Composing, Vocals, Keys, Electronics) and of Ricardo Paz (Composing, Bass, Electronics, Visuals).


After participating in various projects, in 2006 the two creative heads decided to construct an independent project that should present new and revolutionary impetus to the music world.


The music of Modula Nation is mostly written composed and produced by the two multi-instrumentalists.

In addition, 2 further members support the band in the in the studio as well as Live on Stage. Norbert Wallner (Drums, Pads) and Florian Palier (Guitar, Keys, Electronics).


An additional Team Member Hansi Roman (Sound Engineer – Visual Engineer) also supports the band in the studio and off stage in order to accomplish a professional audio and visual concept.



The main aim of Modula Nation is to find Distribution Partners, Artist Management and Booking Agents in order to bring their music as well as live shows to a broader range of audiences.


The short term goal would be to bring their current self published releases to online distribution portals such as Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and several others.


Midterm and Longterm Goals would include the recording and production of several Albums as the group has various quality demo songs and sketches that are waiting to be released. A further goal would be to hit the road and play shows in Europe and overseas due to the fact that professional as well as engaging Live Performances are waiting to be unveiled to broader audiences.



As mentioned above Modula Nation consists of Composers, Musicians, Producers, Visual Artists, Sound Engineers and most of all of professionals who are reliable and disposed to work hard with the aim of finding partners in the field of Distribution, Management as well as promoters in order to reach a higher level of audiences and as well as to achieve the common goals of both the group and it’s partners.


Modula Nation is ready to RISE!



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