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Founding members Heinz Wallner and Ricardo Paz have been making music together for over 10 years.


After participating in various projects, in 2006 the two multiinstrumentalists decided to create an independent project that should present new and revolutionary impetus to the music world.


Modula Nation was born and ready to rise.

Modula Nation is one of the most promising underground bands from Austria. Their music style could be defined as Electro-Rock, however, the band has been experimenting with diverse musical styles and with varied band constellations, with the aim of creating and independent sound.



“Avoid the Blaze” is the name of the new single from Modula Nation. It was released in September 2013.


The single provides a promising sample of the new album
that is yet to come.




“Start the Revolution” is a single which was released by Modula Nation in 2012. The single was released in Europe by Mohoga Recordings.


Modula Nation also composed the entire score for the film "Last Exit from Veritas" which was premiered in 2010.



The debut EP "Rise of the Nebula" was recorded in most instances by the two multi instrumentalists Ricardo Paz (Bass, Electronics) and Heinz Wallner (Vocals, Electronics).

It shows  the wideband of musical styles that the band processes in their songs. The EP was distributed by Echo/ZYX in Europe.

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